A clean, modern living room

Friends of mine moved in to a new home in San Diego. The simple, two-story townhome features wood floors, white walls, and windows—lots of them. In fact, the view, a breathtaking look over San Diego, was the selling point on the house for them. So when they asked me to help them come up with some decorating ideas, we decided that we would keep furnishings in the living room simple, making the wall of windows the room’s stage stealer.

My friends have a very modern aesthetic, so I opted for a palette of white, silver and gray with pops of natural hues of ocean blue and fern green to use as accents. Other than that, texture offers depth in the room.
Gray sectional

They had already purchased this low-profile gray sectional sofa (not the ottoman) from HOLDIT so we needed a large but low coffee table. Here’s what I came up with:
Billy and Yesenia

Real modern can go real cold real fast. To create warmth in an open, mostly white space, I wanted to layer textures, starting from the ground up. I suggested laying down this natural sisal rug and placing this cozier shag rug on top. And placing this fabulous coffee table on top of that.

I mentioned creating a conversation area within the large room. Two mid-century modern wicker wood-frame chairs allow for more seating and add another texture in the room. These throw pillows make them more inviting. The hammered silver table, which I would set in between the chairs, is a practical addition so there’s no leaning way in to get drinks or nibblies off the coffee table.

This modern wingback chair and graphic pillow round out the boxy room and create a generous space to curl up with a book.

I added color with artwork, a vase and some artificial greens.