A small sensual master suite

A couple I worked with wanted their bedroom to feel like a romantic hideaway, the kind of place you experience on your honeymoon. So I went to work creating luxury without breaking the bank.
Sensual bedroom
To create the bedroom of their dreams, I brought in an upholstered bed and added textured bedding and a plush pillow and a whimsical one (you never want to take any space too seriously). I covered the hardwood floor in a supersoft flokati rug and suggested they order these curtains (neither one of them was up to DIY curtains even though they are so easy, remember?) to create atmosphere. The couple craved some sensual art so I fashioned a small gallery of tasteful prints–a nude hangs centered above the bed flanked by photographs that are a bit fun. The unkempt bed is titled Well Read, and the other is i love….

The room gets a lot of natural light so in keeping with the romantic mood of the space, I opted for candlelit lanterns to hang from the ceiling on either side of the bed.

And even the smooth high-gloss white dresser screams sexy in this space.