Another chair makeover–this time with tufting

The same day I bought the cane-back chair with the hole, I found this little gem for $17.50. It was in perfect shape but needed to be painted and reupholstered (it had a chartreuse velvet fabric on it before–even on the arms of the chair).
2013-02-19 16.24.23
After removing the seat and yanking the fabric from the arms with a screwdriver and pliers (it had been stapled down), I followed the same process to paint the chair that I used on the cane-back chair but did this one in Krylon’s ivory gloss paint. I cut new foam for this chair as well and covered the seat cushion in a Sultana jute burlap but before securing the fabric on the back of the seat frame with staples, I recovered the old buttons and used the original holes to tuft the recovered seat.

The pillow is actually an old throw cushion covered in a tea towel and secured with Stitch Witchery.