Another e-design-ish reveal

Do you remember the nursery I helped plan for my dear friend, Naomi? She and her husband, Jeff, did an amazing job pulling it all together for baby girl Tramontano, due at the end of this month.
Naomi has a few sketches of baby animals left to hang, and we’ve opted to paint the small crisscross bookshelf. And, there’s the cluster of twine balls-and-yarn (a purchase we made while traveling together in Germany) left to hang when I visit early in 2014.
Dresser/changing table
The Craigslist dresser turned out to be amazing! And the sellers constructed this removable changing table on top so Naomi and Jeff didn’t have to build it themselves.
Letter wall
Naomi found these letters and loved them but thought the all-white look was a bit boring so she painted a few green to add a fun pop.
Rest/nursing area
This is my favorite area in the room. It screams calming space to bond with baby. And this chair, Naomi’s first purchase for the nursery, inspired everything else in the room.