Best gifts gift guide

Some of the best gifts are those very sentimental ones, like Scott’s and my best gifts, a momento from a magical tripsomething handmade, an addition to their collection, a piece of their childhood, an heirloom, a family tradition, and jewelry with meaning. Another great idea came from Prudent Baby co-creator Jacinda Boneau. Her husband gave her a dresser that holds a lot more than just clothes. Read all about the meaning behind what seems like a practical present here.

For me, the most treasured furnishing I own doesn’t actually reside in our abode. That’s because I was always on the move in New York—new borough, new apartment, new roommate. I didn’t want anything to happen to the grandfather clock my grandfather made (yes, you read that correctly, he made it) for me when I was little. So my mom has graciously kept it for me. It’s now time that Scott and I go get it. Maybe a road trip to Michigan in 2014?

Grandfather clock

Anyway, I love the sentimental meaning behind this clock. I love that there are pictures of me “helping” (I was 2) my grandpa build my brother’s clock (he’s two years younger than me).

The mahogany wood is in perfect condition, and although people who know me—and have been to my house—might disagree, I do like leaving wood untouched, especially when a piece is in such impeccable original condition like this piece is. That being said, I also love painting furniture.

Mom, would you kill me if I painted this? I’m still on the fence.

Red_Grandfather_Clock Little Red Chair

I love the bold red on this one. A bright color would look great in a dining room or home office. I also think the bright paint highlights the regal lines of the clock.

White grandfather clockHouse of Turquoise

But I also appreciate the subtlety of this white clock on neutral gray walls. It makes the inner mechanisms shine and mine are brass.

Blue_Grandfather_ClockLadybird Ln

This is interesting: Painted clock with a wallpapered back panel. Hmmmm….

Black grandfather clock

This was my original idea: glossy black paint and maybe trimming out some of the moulding in a bright white to bring out the details.

Wood grandfather clock

But then I see something like this, and I think I should embrace the natural wood and put it in a room where I have a lot going on.

Thoughts? What would you do? Would you paint it or not?