Best gifts gift guide

I recently finished writing my favorite story. Ever. I asked some of the bloggers I follow to tell me about the best gift they ever received and wrote about them on Today, starts the first installment of the best gifts gift guide.

It got me thinking about the best gift I’ve ever received. I asked Scott about his, and without hesitation, he said the money we received to buy Miles, our golden retriever puppy (thanks, Kent!).


Mine is a wee bit more sentimental. Several years ago, my mom converted all of our childhood home movies from VHS tapes to a collection of DVDs for me. I cannot tell you how special it is to have my dad’s voice, laughter, humor and jokes on something I can watch—and eventually share with my children.

Blogger Angie Gubler also named something sentimental as her favorite gift: A painting her husband commissioned that captures Angie’s favorite spot in the world, where she made fond memories as a child. You can read the full story here.

Want to give something similar? Finding a fantastic local artist to commission is actually a lot easier than you may think. Check Etsy first. Scott and I both love La Jolla Cove, where we were married. I did a quick Etsy search for La Jolla Cove art, then narrowed the search to paintings, and found these two.

La Jolla Cove

You could also search local art festivals, like San Diego’s Art Walk, the Old Town Art Festival or La Jolla Festival of the Arts. Scope out the artists’ works, then ask them about creating something custom for a loved one—or you!