Best gifts gift guide

Continuing on with the best gifts gift guide series, today I bring you a piece with some history. (If you’ve missed any, you can revisit to see Scott’s and my favorites, something I gave an old friend, presents I made coworkers and ideas for collectors.)

Blogger and artist Susie Harris received a treasure her dad found in New Orleans: an antique carousel horse that she keeps atop the bookshelf in her home. You can read all about it here.

Susie’s carousel horse got me thinking. Tiny rocking objects and animals look so sweet in nurseries. While Scott and I are not currently looking to design such a space, I’m still collecting furnishings and accessories for it (don’t read anything into that; I’m not pregnant, just a collector, remember?).

Here in Switzerland, swans are everywhere. We don’t live far from Lake Geneva, and watching the swans glide through the water is so peaceful. They are truly majestic and beautiful birds. I’m toying with the idea of printing one of Scott’s swan pics (we have lots) from here in black and white to hang somewhere in our house. Maybe above his dresser?

Swan 1

So here’s what I’m after in terms of nursery décor inspired by the bird in the water.

Swan rocking horse

Scott and I have seen so many beautiful vintage wooden swan rockers for children. I could kick myself for not taking pictures of them. I haven’t purchased one here because I really don’t know how I would get it home. So I began my search Stateside. I found this one on ebay, but it’s not exactly like the ones I’ve seen here.

Etsy swan

This one’s on Etsy, and it’s sweet, but I’m looking for more of a statement.

Brown swan rockerThis one from 1stdibs is too expensive to change, and I would want to paint it white and black.

Plans for swan rockerAnd then I found these—plans to make my own swan rocker (I bought them because they were on closeout for $5!). Just need a jigsaw, and a reason to start a nursery, and this bird will be done. I’ll be sure to share when I start construction. :)

Is there anything from your childhood that you want for your house? For your kids’ rooms? Where have you looked? What have you found?