Best gifts gift guide

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I’ve been doing a best gifts gift guide. I’m covering the more sentimental, thoughtful aspect of the gift giving season with help from some of my favorite bloggers, and I’ve been doing it all for I’ve shared ideas that include customized artwork, a map from a special trip, a homemade gem, something special for the collector, a treasure from childhood, an old family favorite and a tradition.

Every man probably knows that he can’t go wrong by giving his sweetheart jewelry. Simple diamond earrings sent Unruly Things author Alyson Brown over the moon when her husband gave them to her when they were just dating. Read the whole romantic story here.

Like Alyson, my most treasured jewels aren’t the pieces that came from fancy jewelry stores but the ones that have some sort of sentimental significance.

gold rings

My mom gave me this ring. It used to belong to her. It was on her finger for as long as I can remember. It was a gift from her parents after I was born. It’s my grandfather, grandmother and great-grandmother’s wedding bands all soldered together. Funny story: My mom’s finger swelled so badly one time when she was visiting me in New York that this ring cut off the circulation in her finger, and we had the guys at the hardware store across the street slice through the gold bands (TMI, Mom?). The amazing thing, however, is that none of the engraved wedding dates on the inside of the bands were disturbed. My mom gifted this ring to me a couple of years ago. I love its simplicity and the fact that it reminds me of two incredible grandparents every time I look down at my right finger.


My wedding ring is also incredibly sentimental. My engagement ring (center with diamonds) sits in between my mom’s original engagement and wedding band set. My dad had her original diamond reset in a chunkier gold band for their anniversary one year. I had the prongs removed from these white gold bands, and I love how simple and delicate they look flanking my engagement ring.

Wedding gift

And this amazing necklace was a wedding gift from Scott. Why is it so special? Let’s start with the fact that he had it custom made. The three gold discs are actually cufflinks that belonged to my dad. Is this not the most incredibly thoughtful, sweet and sentimental gift? Plus, this necklace looks awesome worn long or lopped with a T-shirt and jeans or a LBD.

What are your most treasured pieces of jewelry? When do you wear them?