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I was originally going to stop this series after Christmas, but I have one more to share, one that I think makes an incredible gift any time of year, but it’s sentimental enough to think about for your love this Valentine’s Day. Not that any of the gifts in this series wouldn’t make your sweetie melt—like the things that made Scott and I emotional,  a sentimental map, a homemade gift, a thoughtful addition to a collection, a piece of childhood, a treasure passed down, a family tradition, jewelry, or an heirloom.

Jessica Teves, managing editor at Refinery29 shared a family oil painting that had been passed on to her several years ago. You can read the story here.

It made me think of something my brother has in his home.

RobandDadThis was done by one of Rob’s friends and coworkers, painted from this photo of my brother and my dad on a family vacation.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 10.03.37 AM

Is this not amazing?? What a great gift, right? Interested? I suggest searching custom portrait paintings on Etsy and seeing which examples wow you.

What’s the most sentimental gift you’ve ever been given.