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A vintage map makes a great gift. For the second installment of the best gifts gift guideFouth Floor Walkup blogger Lauren Caron, the antique map of Paris, which predates the Eiffel Tower’s 1889 debut that her mom gave, her tops her list of favorite gifts. You can read why here.

I actually used this idea even before I wrote this piece for

Brendan was my bridesguy in my wedding. He is literally my oldest friend. Our families used to go camping together when we were kids. We would spend days fishing, hunting for buried treasure and playing hide and seek in the woods. Some of my fondest childhood memories center around these weekend excursions.

Since I was personalizing each of my bridal parties’ gifts, I decided to give Brendan something that showed him how much these times as kids meant to me.

Brendan's map

I decided finding a vintage map of Arizona was the way to go. I purchased this fun 1950s vintage state map. It kind of resembled something we would have used to hunt down that buried treasure I mentioned. I added my own touch of childish whimsy to it by coloring in some of the forests and mountains where we set up camp over the years.

I found this map here but ebay has a selection. Majesty Maps & Prints sells beautiful maps specifically for interiors, or you can search for vintage maps on Wikimedia Commons, download any of them for free, then have it printed to your frame size specifications (take my advice on finding great large frames inexpensively) at a local copy shop.