Big news!

So it has been WAY too long since I posted. Honestly, I haven’t had any new projects while living in Switzerland, and I had already featured all of the projects I completed before moving and the ones I worked on when we first moved. But that all changed when I made a home visit in February and signed several new clients (more on all of those projects to come over the next several months). Plus, I have a new project I’ll be working on in our home too. I’m pregnant! Scott and I are expecting a baby girl in September!


What did I do as soon as I found out I was pregnant? Start designing the nursery, of course. I’ve designed a few nurseries with very feminine touches, both of which I love, but I didn’t want ours to be overly girly. I started with a gender-neutral design because Scott and I did not want to find out the sex of the baby. But after unintentionally reading an email from one of my nurses (long story), I found out we’re expecting a girl! So, I added a few dainty touches to my plan, but I didn’t go overboard.

We’re turning our guest room into a nursery/guest room. Before we moved, we painted (actually, my mom painted) this room Martha Stewart Living’s Milk Pail, a minty aqua shade that’s not too shocking and works brilliantly in a nursery. Good news, Scott, you don’t have to repaint!!

Guest room
We’ll be selling the full mattress, box spring, and bed frame. Know anyone who’s interested?? And I’ll be removing the curtains on the second closet door and replacing them with the sliding mirrored doors that were originally there (see the before image below). I’ll be painting those mirrored doors with chalkboard paint so my little lady can express her creative side in her room early on.

Guest room before
Here’s the inspiration for the new nursery/guest room.

South American art
I bought this oversize Otomi, a Mexican-embroidered work, a couple of years ago at a consignment shop for $30. The frame needs to be painted (I’m thinking black), but the embroidered design is in near perfect condition. And here’s how it’s going to work into Baby G’s new room.

Baby G's Nursery
I’m watching Craigslist and Ebay to find the best price on the ebony Jenny Lind 3-in-1 crib, a timeless design with spindle bars. So far, Sam’s Club has the best price (though it’s currently out of stock there).

I’m going to make the mobile. I fell in love with these bright and cheerful Polish pajaki paper chandeliers, but I am not willing to pay $145.
Polish chandelier mobile inspiration
I plan to make a pared-down version out of wire, straws, and tissue paper. I promise to share.

I already bought this eggplant X-bench because it was on clearance, but I’m going to recover the cushion in this warm cream fabric that features a modern embroidered chain-like design and paint the base black.

I also already purchased this ethnic bumper because it was also on clearance. I plan to pair it with this crib sheet, steep in terms of price, but I kind of think making one might be really frustrating. Have any of you made a fitted sheet? I’m keeping the skirt very simple, making it myself out of cotton canvas—so I can make it adjustable when I change the height of the mattress as the baby gets older—and adding ric rac trim to the hem.

I’m putting a sleeper sofa in the room since we’re getting rid of the bed. Anyone know of a super comfy model? I’m leaning towards this one but will obviously test it out. Then I plan to make a watercolor pillow, using this one as my inspiration, then adding this pair of gray-and-white zebra-print pillows and making two pillows out of this pale peach linen.

The current blinds on the window will be turned into a roller shade (I’ll share the tutorial when I make it) made of white canvas and black single-fold bias tape.

Scott’s bike is becoming décor in the room—since we lack storage—but has to remain accessible. I plan to hang it on the wall and make a pretty tassel garland that goes across the bike but still makes it easy for Scott to take the bike out for a ride.

I already bought two of these Nate Berkus 5×7 rugs because they were a steal at $75 each! (My mom picked them up in Phoenix, where there were only three left in the whole Valley.) I’m going to sew the two together. Not sure yet if I’m going to use coordinating or contrasting stitching. Thoughts?

I’m going to get this rocker for the nursery and add a faux sheepskin to make it a bit cozier.

We’re using this dresser I bought when we first moved in for the changing table. I plan to refinish it, paint the drawers white, and add this hardware.

Changing table dresser
The other big projects in the room include a closet reorganization, and there is a very awkward built-in drawer/cabinet thing in this room (no picture, sorry). I plan to demo that and build a built-in bookcase that will provide way more functionality in a kid’s room.

Moms, any other advice regarding things I may be missing in my nursery design?