A modern living space

I really like the house we bought in Dallas. It’s spacious, has three bedrooms, and plenty of storage. I did, however, think we were going to end up with a mid-century modern charmer. There are so many of them in Dallas. In fact, Scott and I both fell in love with this house when we went to see it.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.46.16 AM

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Big news!

So it has been WAY too long since I posted. Honestly, I haven’t had any new projects while living in Switzerland, and I had already featured all of the projects I completed before moving and the ones I worked on when we first moved. But that all changed when I made a home visit in February and signed several new clients (more on all of those projects to come over the next several months). Plus, I have a new project I’ll be working on in our home too. I’m pregnant! Scott and I are expecting a baby girl in September!

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A pink, ivory and stone nursery

Friends in San Diego asked for me to help them design a feminine nursery for their baby girl. Mom wanted something very girly but with pieces that she could use down the road should they have a boy next.

Here’s the pink, ivory and stone nursery design I came up with:

Sophisticated baby space

  • I would start by painting the walls a cozy mushroom color and the ceiling a sweet hydrangea pink.
  • I would customize inexpensive ivory curtains with Greek-key trim like I did here.
  • This love and Hollywood walk artwork will pop against the dark walls.
  • I picked a black chandelier that would easily transition into boy territory.
  • The glider needs to be comfortable, so I would choose this one with Flores Ivory fabric and Studio Natural piping. There’s nothing gender specific about this glider either. It can move to a boy’s room or a reading space down the line.
  • I love the appliqué detail on this pillow.
  • I would purchase this ottoman (and the rocking chair too, though I wouldn’t use it in the nursery) and reupholster it in this modern fabric. And while I would consider this gender-neutral fabric, it’s easy enough to change for the next room.
  • Several of these ivory knit baskets will help corral toys in any room in the house.
  • This mirror reads a little feminine paired with everything else in this nursery, but it can also read modern star in a boy’s nursery.
  • I love a pedestal side table. I would gold leaf this one and keep it in her room as a nightstand as she gets older.
  • This crib could easily work in a boy’s space too.

How have you designed a nursery so that you can use pieces for other kids down the road? I’d love to see photos.

Get the look: Prague vacation rental

I’ve been using Airbnb to book apartments in almost every city Scott and I have visited. It’s typically less expensive than staying in a hotel–rates are less, and you can eat some meals at home–and I love really getting a taste for how the locals live.

I’m always interested to see the design of the apartments (remember, I designed a vacation rental too), and I was particularly impressed with the flat we rented in Prague for a long weekend.

Prague flat 1

I loved the modern neutral wallpaper in the hallway. Paired with the natural wood stools and pendants, the mostly-white apartment felt instantly warm.

Prague flat 2

The mix of furnishings make them look as though they were collected over time. My mother-in-law and I wanted to take the vintage-looking, French-inspired, cane-back dining chairs with us.

Prague flat 3

The bedroom was extremely simple with tons of natural light and soft neutral furnishings.

Here’s how I would get the look for little money:
Prague flat get the look

Have you rented a place you wish was your own?


The hottest colors for your home in 2014

OK, you might think I’m a wee bit early to be showing off the hot shades for next year since it isn’t even Halloween, but Pantone, the pros behind color, released the 2014 forecast a month ago, and I can’t sit on this any longer. Here are next year’s palettes.
Pantone 2014
Last year, I did this color trend story for CountryLiving.com on decorating with Pantone’s 2013 palettes.

Some colors in each of these palettes might seem too bold or just not you. The important thing to remember is that this isn’t a call to redecorate every room in your home. Instead, it’s about bringing in some fresh new color to what you already have to freshen up the space.

If you have a light gray couch, for instance, you might try additions like these. (I used the first palette as my jumping off point.)
Pantone living room
Our golden retriever puppy snacked on our living room rug so we’re in need of a new one anyway, and I LOVE this malachite version. So rich looking. I’d move our clear acrylic end table to another room (clear goes with everything) and purchase this black-and-gold number. I would probably look for a vintage vase table lamp, but I do really like the orange and blue in this one. To give a bit more elegance to my couch, I would bring in these purple, teal and cheetah-print pillows. I would replace my current curtains with these inexpensive blackout drapes and attempt to paint something like this ocean view.

See, small changes make a huge impact. To give a neutral dining room a bit of pop and incorporate the Physicality palette, I’d do something like this with this fabric and this rug.
Pantone dining room
Relish in the beauty of the Sculpted Simplicity palette of neutrals in the master bedroom with this organic wallpaper, new Euro shams, a furry white pillow, metallic silver pillow and gold pillow with a bit of sequin bling. For the walls, I would do a collage of several of my husband’s photographs in black and white (kind of like this).
Pantone Master Bedroom
I see the Fluidity palette outside. Bright chairs, (that are on sale right now!) with cushions covered in a fun fabric (not weather-resistant so keep it sheltered) and a great side table in my favorite color right now.
Pantone outdoor
The Collage palette would make an excellent kids’ space. Start with a modern wood table-and-stool set, and paint the stools salmon pink. Add a fun teepee to the room in a modern print, a cluster of hanging star lanterns and a mint-colored bookcase.
Pantone kids' space
True, the intimacy palette would look fabulous in a master suite, but I envision it as a sophisticated nursery for a baby girl too. I would start with an off-white crib and make the bedding from this modern geometric fabric. Hang soft pink curtains and add a whimsical pouf to rest feet while nursing. Instead of purchasing this mirror, I would create this look myself with a thrift-store mirror, some lavender gray paint and use my technique to crackle the finish.
Pantone Nursery
Moda makes sense in the kitchen, especially mine. It’s very neutral–grays, blacks and wood tones. I might spice things up with a patterned backsplash, a graphic Roman shade, this great rag rug and red knobs for the cabinets and drawers. I cannot justify the cost of these (though I love them), but I may try to modify my existing ones with paint.
Pantone kitchen
And I see Tribal Threads as an entryway, welcoming you in with soft but bright colors. This dresser is amazing, but I would definitely attempt an Ikea hack on this baby with these campaign pulls. I love this botanical print and this dark green glass lamp and neutral shade.
Pantone entryway

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