DIY silhouette ornaments

I didn’t actually intend these to be ornaments when I made them. This was part of the décor for Kim and Zach’s baby shower. I made these tiny plaques to hang on the wall and flank my pièce de résistance, the cardboard deer head.


But then I was thinking about what to do with them after the shower, and I decided that these silhouette plaques would make great coasters or DIY silhouette ornaments.

They couldn’t have been simpler to make. I first painted my wooden plaques (which I bought at Michael’s for $1.79 a piece) navy blue using craft paint and stained the outer ridge using Sherwin Williams Fruitwood stain. While those dried, I looked for free clipart online. I searched for baby forest creatures. Again, I was working with a woodland theme, but Santa, a wreath, a reindeer, or any other holiday image would work. The one tip I have: Pick images without lots of intricate details. The talons on my owl were as detailed as I went.

Print out your selected images. I scaled mine to be three inches tall since the wooden plaques I was using were four-inch squares.


Cut the image out, and pin it to a scrap of fabric. Cut the shape out of the fabric using good fabric scissors so your fabric doesn’t pull or fray.


Then glue the fabric silhouette to the wooden plaque using fabric glue.


Once they are completely dry, brush a thin coat of Mod Podge over the entire surface to prevent the fabric from curling up at the edges.


I let them dry completely before installing picture hanging hardware on the back. If you’re planning to hang them as ornaments, glue ribbon to the back; if they’ll end up as coasters, adhere a felt pad on the bottom.

What DIY ornaments are you making this year?

The easiest DIY holiday decor ever

Scott and I hosted our daughter’s christening this weekend. The Sunday after Thanksgiving meant that I wanted to keep things simple—very simple. We created Evite invites and bought the food at Costco so I wanted to keep the décor easy and inexpensive.


I used a gold tablecloth I already owned, layered paper doilies down the center to serve as a DIY runner, and filled Mason jars with baby’s breath. But the table needed something more.


While shopping the baking aisle at the grocery store, I came up with another idea. Float balloons above the dining table and cover them with cupcake liners! I bought white balloons at Target, used spray adhesive, and working in small sections, glued the cupcake liners to the balloon (I used 75 or one package per balloon). Then I attached some white string and hung them from the ceiling with clear thumbtacks.

What’s the simplest, easiest, and cheapest décor you’ve ever come up with?

A wishing tree for a baby shower

I cohosted my best friend Kim’s baby shower a couple of weekends ago. It was my first big-gish project since I had Genevieve, and I had so much fun coming up with the woodland themed baby shower and the décor that would accompany it.

For my baby shower in July, Kim had attendees write a note, advice, or a memory for Baby G in the book Guess How Much I Love You.


I loved it. Some people’s words brought tears to my eyes, others made me laugh out loud. I wanted to do something similar for Kim, Zach, and Baby Wyatt.

I came up with the idea of a Wishing Tree, a place where people might hang words of advice for the parents-to-be or write something they wished for Baby Wyatt.


I found the twigs and sticks in my front yard in Dallas and transported them to Arizona in my suitcase because they were absolutely perfect, and I worried that I wouldn’t find anything similar in the land of cacti. I clustered the twigs in a faux bois vase I made. I shared the easy how-to instructions on my Pretty Handy Projects blog on Then I created leaves from pieces of fabric (a vintage plaid I purchased on ebay), just free-formed the shape. I wanted the leaves to be rigid but moldable rather than floppy pieces of fabric. So I used this.


And just liberally sprayed the fabric leaves, then let them dry completely.


Once dry, I was able to mold them into three-dimensional leaf shapes.

Have you ever used Stiffen Quik?

Turn a thrift store mirror into a chalkboard

To tell guests where to sit at a wedding, I spray painted thrifted picture frames with chalkboard paint. They worked perfectly for this one-time use, but the thin paint layer eventually began to scratch off.

A country club wedding and receptionTo announce each of Genevieve’s monthly milestones, I wanted to create a chalkboard to share her age, weight, and her likes. I also liked the idea of her having a chalkboard in the nook in her room, a place where she will eventually be able to read, daydream, and create.

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DIY paper drawer liners

It’s been WAY too long since I’ve posted. The Generes household has been busy:

1. We moved from San Diego, California to Dallas, Texas!

2. We had a baby! Genevieve was born August 22.


3. We bought a house (more to come on this in future posts)!

I’m slowly starting to decorate our new house. It’s basically like starting from scratch—yay!—because we sold a lot of our stuff before moving and we have more space here than we did in our San Diego condo.

You may remember that I designed Genevieve’s nursery when we were still living in Switzerland. I’ve had to make a few modifications to the original plan, and I have been REALLY slow in doing projects (life with a newborn) for her room. My first completed project: lining her dresser drawers.

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