Best gifts gift guide

Some of the best gifts are those very sentimental ones, like Scott’s and my best gifts, a momento from a magical tripsomething handmade, an addition to their collection, a piece of their childhood, an heirloom, a family tradition, and jewelry with meaning. Another great idea came from Prudent Baby co-creator Jacinda Boneau. Her husband gave her a dresser that holds a lot more than just clothes. Read all about the meaning behind what seems like a practical present here.

For me, the most treasured furnishing I own doesn’t actually reside in our abode. That’s because I was always on the move in New York—new borough, new apartment, new roommate. I didn’t want anything to happen to the grandfather clock my grandfather made (yes, you read that correctly, he made it) for me when I was little. So my mom has graciously kept it for me. It’s now time that Scott and I go get it. Maybe a road trip to Michigan in 2014?

Grandfather clock

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