The best kitchen innovations of 2013

I partnered with Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine editors to test dozens of kitchen tools, appliances and gadgets and found 18 kitchen superheroes that cooked the competition, saving all of us time, effort and even some dough. Check out the whole article in the September issue, on newsstands now, click here to read the online version and read on to see my favorite kitchen sidekicks.

My main squeeze
Loads of my favorite recipes utilize the fresh-squeezed juice and zest of lemons and limes—poultry dishes, sweet treats, even G&Ts. So it’s not hard to understand why this lemon-lime press with a zester became one of my favorite multitaskers for the kitchen and bar.
Zest n Press
A Whiz in the Kitchen
You no longer have to chop ‘til you drop. The Pull’n Slice mandoline speeds up the prep process by slicing tomatoes, dicing onions, julienning carrots and cutting potatoes into French fries with lightening-fast precision thanks to a collapsible finger guard that keeps your digits light years away from the blade.
Pull'n Slice mandoline
Now You See It; Now You Don’t
Out, damn spot. That’s what this magnetic spot scrubber promises—to get into all those narrow-necked vases, pitchers and decanters, where water, juice and wine stains seem to stick. Drop the silicone-scrubbing disc into the dirty vessels, add warm, soapy water, align the magnetic scrubber with the disc and rub.
Magnetic spot scrubber
Flat Line
A spoonful of sugar is easy to measure. It’s the oil and honey that give me problems. But a new set of flexible, tip-free measuring spoons that lay completely flat rescue countertops from slippery, sticky spills. I love that each spoon is also labeled with half measurements, making cutting recipes simple.
Measuring spoons
Got It Covered
Don’t let the sticky rubber texture of these fun food savers scare you. These reusable balls stretch to form an airtight seal around bowls, plates and cut fruits and veggies, protecting your leftovers against rot and mold.
Cover Blubber