Get the look: Prague vacation rental

I’ve been using Airbnb to book apartments in almost every city Scott and I have visited. It’s typically less expensive than staying in a hotel–rates are less, and you can eat some meals at home–and I love really getting a taste for how the locals live.

I’m always interested to see the design of the apartments (remember, I designed a vacation rental too), and I was particularly impressed with the flat we rented in Prague for a long weekend.

Prague flat 1

I loved the modern neutral wallpaper in the hallway. Paired with the natural wood stools and pendants, the mostly-white apartment felt instantly warm.

Prague flat 2

The mix of furnishings make them look as though they were collected over time. My mother-in-law and I wanted to take the vintage-looking, French-inspired, cane-back dining chairs with us.

Prague flat 3

The bedroom was extremely simple with tons of natural light and soft neutral furnishings.

Here’s how I would get the look for little money:
Prague flat get the look

Have you rented a place you wish was your own?