Turn your fashion favorites into a room design

You may remember when I wrote here about turning a favorite outfit into a room. I asked for submissions, and people responded. I decided to help a friend take several favorite pieces in her closet and turn them into a reading nook. Here’s where it all began.

Cathy's Closet

She described her style as bohemian chic, choosing texture and layers over pattern and color (unless it’s red). She also likes sleek, modern lines and artistic pattern–as long as it doesn’t overpower. So what’s a schizophrenic girl to do?

Cathy's Corner

Start with a modern chair in a lagoon denim color, and layer on a lace pillow with a hippie vibe and a classic black-and-white striped throw. Add texture and bold pattern underfoot with a knit pouf and this ikat rug. Finish the room with a bit of metallic shine with a brass pharmacy lamp.