Turn a thrift store mirror into a chalkboard

To tell guests where to sit at a wedding, I spray painted thrifted picture frames with chalkboard paint. They worked perfectly for this one-time use, but the thin paint layer eventually began to scratch off.

A country club wedding and receptionTo announce each of Genevieve’s monthly milestones, I wanted to create a chalkboard to share her age, weight, and her likes. I also liked the idea of her having a chalkboard in the nook in her room, a place where she will eventually be able to read, daydream, and create.

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Best sleeper sofas

As I mentioned in my nursery design post, Scott and I are looking for a sleeper sofa for the guest room/nursery we’ll be creating upon our return from Switzerland (in 19 days!).

I am looking for a model with a comfy sofa and an even more comfortable pull-out bed. Do they exist?

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Big news!

So it has been WAY too long since I posted. Honestly, I haven’t had any new projects while living in Switzerland, and I had already featured all of the projects I completed before moving and the ones I worked on when we first moved. But that all changed when I made a home visit in February and signed several new clients (more on all of those projects to come over the next several months). Plus, I have a new project I’ll be working on in our home too. I’m pregnant! Scott and I are expecting a baby girl in September!

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A pink, ivory and stone nursery

Friends in San Diego asked for me to help them design a feminine nursery for their baby girl. Mom wanted something very girly but with pieces that she could use down the road should they have a boy next.

Here’s the pink, ivory and stone nursery design I came up with:

Sophisticated baby space

  • I would start by painting the walls a cozy mushroom color and the ceiling a sweet hydrangea pink.
  • I would customize inexpensive ivory curtains with Greek-key trim like I did here.
  • This love and Hollywood walk artwork will pop against the dark walls.
  • I picked a black chandelier that would easily transition into boy territory.
  • The glider needs to be comfortable, so I would choose this one with Flores Ivory fabric and Studio Natural piping. There’s nothing gender specific about this glider either. It can move to a boy’s room or a reading space down the line.
  • I love the appliqué detail on this pillow.
  • I would purchase this ottoman (and the rocking chair too, though I wouldn’t use it in the nursery) and reupholster it in this modern fabric. And while I would consider this gender-neutral fabric, it’s easy enough to change for the next room.
  • Several of these ivory knit baskets will help corral toys in any room in the house.
  • This mirror reads a little feminine paired with everything else in this nursery, but it can also read modern star in a boy’s nursery.
  • I love a pedestal side table. I would gold leaf this one and keep it in her room as a nightstand as she gets older.
  • This crib could easily work in a boy’s space too.

How have you designed a nursery so that you can use pieces for other kids down the road? I’d love to see photos.

Another e-design-ish reveal

Do you remember the nursery I helped plan for my dear friend, Naomi? She and her husband, Jeff, did an amazing job pulling it all together for baby girl Tramontano, due at the end of this month.
Naomi has a few sketches of baby animals left to hang, and we’ve opted to paint the small crisscross bookshelf. And, there’s the cluster of twine balls-and-yarn (a purchase we made while traveling together in Germany) left to hang when I visit early in 2014.
Dresser/changing table
The Craigslist dresser turned out to be amazing! And the sellers constructed this removable changing table on top so Naomi and Jeff didn’t have to build it themselves.
Letter wall
Naomi found these letters and loved them but thought the all-white look was a bit boring so she painted a few green to add a fun pop.
Rest/nursing area
This is my favorite area in the room. It screams calming space to bond with baby. And this chair, Naomi’s first purchase for the nursery, inspired everything else in the room.

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