Shopping the flea markets online

Scott asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday this year. I turn the big 35. I said I wanted to drive up to Los Angeles (this is assuming we’re home) and hit one of the big flea markets up there–Rose Bowl, Pasadena City College, Long Beach Antique Market, Melrose Trading Post, Santa Monica Airport Outdoor Antique & Collectible Market or Downtown Flea. I don’t need to hit them all. Not in one weekend at least, but what I want is uninterrupted time to hunt.

The hunt is what I love most about a flea market. Scott and I went to Geneva’s flea market again this past weekend, and while we didn’t make a purchase, I still loved sifting through vendors’ boxes of junk to find one hidden treasure. I did, in fact, find a treasure–a rusty metal pagoda that I envisioned repainting–but the seller wanted the equivalent of $20 and was not budging, and negotiating is the second thing I love most about flea markets.

Anyway, I digress. Today’s post is about a fantastic online flea market I stumbled upon. It would seem that it might feel like my fun would be gone if all I am doing is scrolling through pictures online rather than really combing through someone’s pile of castaways. To be sure, I will not give up visits to actual flea markets, but I will definitely shop this virtual version on a lazy Sunday morning or when it’s raining. It could be dangerous.

So welcome, FleaPop, an online marketplace that teems with fantastic furnishings, lighting, art and accessories. Each vendor occupies a different booth–er, page–and you can contact the sellers so the art of negotiating might not be totally lost.

Here are a few of my favorite things (read: Honey, if you’re reading this blog, any one of these things would make an excellent present):
Flea Pop Favorites
This high-back, velvet upholstered chair is the perfect reading chair with the addition of a footstool or pouf. A Turkish rug has been on my wishlist for some time. This one would be great in an entryway. The woman behind this cobalt hutch has some serious painting talent. I liked a number of her pieces–though I enjoy DIYing it. Motel prints like this make me think of California and smile. A chrome stool/side table belongs in any room. Seriously any room. A plaid ottoman looks fun and sophisticated in a family room or study. And this fish that I really want happens to come from my favorite shop on FleaPop.

Searching is not super easy on FleaPop. After I made my finds, I wanted to go back and give them a second look, but searching for yellow chair did not yield my velvet pick, neither did cane chair. And searching for fish brought up fish bookends and buoys but not my coveted sailfish. Likewise, a search for California did not bring up all California-based shops. To be fair, there is an “around me” button that pinpoints your location. It couldn’t find me in Switzerland though.

I also tried signing up for the site hoping that I would be able to subscribe to get info on new items or shops. The name fields are currently not functioning, so I couldn’t do it. I wanted to see if there was a possibility to favorite a shop or something so I would be alerted when that shop adds new items.

What are your favorite items from FleaPop?