Paint an allover stencil on the wall

I love wallpaper, but it’s definitely a commitment. It requires more time and effort to hang wallpaper than it does to paint a wall, and it’s more of a process when you change your mind and decide to redecorate.

But an allover pattern in a room or even on just one wall makes an impact that paint alone can’t achieve. My solution? Make a stencil, and paint your own wallpaper. Note: This is not a quick process. This is going to take a lot of time, patience, precision and coats of paint, but the result will be dramatic and fabulous.

Stencil wall

Here’s how:
1. Select a shape. It should be a geometric shape that you have the ability to easily draw or trace. I wouldn’t choose something with lots of curvy lines or small, intricate parts. Large and simple is best. This one is a Moroccan trellis pattern.
2. Draw your chosen shape on a piece of sturdy cardboard.
2011-12-23 01.00.33
3. Cut out with a utility knife.
Cutting stencil
Stencil drawing
4. Lightly mark level vertical and horizontal lines on the wall and line your stencil up to it. If you’re creating the design on more than one wall, start in the upper center of one of the walls so the trellis design is equal around the entire room. If you’re creating just one accent wall, I would start in the upper left corner and work your way down and across, like I did on this small wall.
5. Trace your stencil, vertically all the way down. Start the second row to the right of the first row but don’t begin tracing at the ceiling. It’s best to have an image of your pattern pulled up on the computer so you can mimic it more easily. This pattern was inspired by curtain panel from Ballard Designs.
Drawing the stencil on the wall
6. Use a half-inch, flat artist paintbrush and trace your pencil lines slowly and methodically to keep lines smooth.
Painting the stencil
7. Let dry, recoat, and recoat. This wall required four coats of glossy white paint to get the desired opaqueness.