I have a confession: Shopping for furniture, fabric and decorative objects might just be my favorite hobby. Shopping for furniture, fabric and decorative objects and getting them at the lowest possible price—even if it means enlisting my DIY skills—might just be an obsession.

I let high-end stores like Anthropologie and Wisteria serve as inspiration. I keep a notebook handy when shopping or surfing online and jot down pieces I love. Then I scour my favorite thrift and consignment stores, as well as Craigslist postings for items I can repaint, reupholster and redo—that hint at the piece I covet.

And when I’m budget shopping, I’m constantly looking at other items and thinking about how I can use them in the projects I’m working on for clients and projects I’d like to do for myself. I record everything in my Ideas and Inspirations notebook, a gift from a former boss, an editor I worked under in New York.

I decided that there are so many beautiful things that I stumble across every day that inspire me and so many projects I do that I want to share, so I started this virtual inspiration journal, where I can post it all.