Create natural outdoor lighting

Twine balls
I was drawn to the natural texture of these spheres, constructed from grapevines and twigs, and I wanted to incorporate them in my wedding. But these puppies can get pricey. I started buying them one at a time at Michael’s on the 40 percent off coupons they offer, but wedding time was quickly approaching, and I needed several more. I ordered the remaining 16 eight-inch balls and four 10-inch spheres from, then purchased several bags of small twine, twig and other natural-material balls at TJMaxx and Marshall’s. You can typically find these down the gardening aisle or where they merchandise the potpourri.
Small twine balls
Twine ball chandelier
I wanted to wrap these twine and twig balls with lights, cluster them together and hang the chandeliers from the trees around the perimeter of the park where our reception dinner was held. I created a total of 20 natural light fixtures (with lots of help from Mom!) of varying lengths and sizes. I used simple monofilament line to string my twine balls together, then wound battery-powered lights around the two largest spheres in each chandelier cluster and secured the lights with zip ties.

And now 10 months after the day we said “I do,” I am reusing these twine balls (minus the lights) in another labor of love–the nursery of one of my dear friends (and a bridesmaid) Naomi’s daughter’s future nursery (she’s due in October).