DIY silhouette ornaments

I didn’t actually intend these to be ornaments when I made them. This was part of the décor for Kim and Zach’s baby shower. I made these tiny plaques to hang on the wall and flank my pièce de résistance, the cardboard deer head.


But then I was thinking about what to do with them after the shower, and I decided that these silhouette plaques would make great coasters or DIY silhouette ornaments.

They couldn’t have been simpler to make. I first painted my wooden plaques (which I bought at Michael’s for $1.79 a piece) navy blue using craft paint and stained the outer ridge using Sherwin Williams Fruitwood stain. While those dried, I looked for free clipart online. I searched for baby forest creatures. Again, I was working with a woodland theme, but Santa, a wreath, a reindeer, or any other holiday image would work. The one tip I have: Pick images without lots of intricate details. The talons on my owl were as detailed as I went.

Print out your selected images. I scaled mine to be three inches tall since the wooden plaques I was using were four-inch squares.


Cut the image out, and pin it to a scrap of fabric. Cut the shape out of the fabric using good fabric scissors so your fabric doesn’t pull or fray.


Then glue the fabric silhouette to the wooden plaque using fabric glue.


Once they are completely dry, brush a thin coat of Mod Podge over the entire surface to prevent the fabric from curling up at the edges.


I let them dry completely before installing picture hanging hardware on the back. If you’re planning to hang them as ornaments, glue ribbon to the back; if they’ll end up as coasters, adhere a felt pad on the bottom.

What DIY ornaments are you making this year?