DIY snowflakes made from toilet paper rolls

It’s no secret that I love DIY holiday decorations. Last Christmas I made a wreath that looked similar to this one from Bonnin Designs (I stupidly didn’t take a picture of mine) from toilet paper rolls I’d been collecting.

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 3.17.34 PM

I tossed it at the end of the season because after a month of hanging on our front door, it had sagged badly at the bottom and resembled more of a deformed oval than the circle I created.

I’ve mentioned that I’ve had to get creative with the holiday decorating here in Switzerland. We didn’t move any decorations and aren’t willing to invest in festive flair since we head home in April. Here’s this year’s tree and our shelving unit decked out for the holidays.

Snowflake photo

This photo by Bob King popped up in my Pinterest feed the other day. I love the intricacies of these snowflakes and decided to mimic these perfect specimens of nature with the toilet paper and paper towel rolls I had been hoarding over the last eight months (I’m lazy about taking my recycling out).

Here’s what you’ll need:

Toilet paper, wrapping paper and paper towel rolls

Tape measure



Hot glue gun and glue

Toilet paper rolls

1. Flatten all the rolls, and using the tape measure, mark 1¼ inches all along the tube. I ended up cutting some of these 1¼-inch pieces in half to give some of my snowflakes a bit more dimension.

2. Start playing. I folded some of my pieces flat the other way, creating more of a diamond shape, and I folded some pieces in half (shown below).


3. Map out your designs. I used every last roll I had, but I didn’t start gluing until I had all four snowflakes completely planned out.

Snowflake making

4. Hot glue your shapes together.

Gluing snowflakes

SAnowflake shapes

5. Add various lengths of pretty ribbon, and hang your snowflakes from windows or on walls.

Hanging snowflakes

Hanging snowflakes