An easy DIY spring wreath, and we have a winner!

First off, please congratulate Kelly McFarlan, who won the e-design giveaway!

I am hosting Easter brunch this Sunday, and I am still in the midst of unpacking from Switzerland, but I felt like I had to start making our condo feel springy.

I made these for my friend Kim’s wedding in September 2012.

A country club wedding and reception

This project was a little time consuming. I bought styrofoam online, printed out an M (she was becoming a Mowbray), blew it up at a copy shop, cut it out, then traced it onto the styrofoam before carving the M out of the foam. Then I covered the entire thing in moss. And I made two of these. I loved the way they turned out—and so did she—but I was not taking something like this on for my quick spring décor fix. I wanted an easy DIY spring wreath. I did a little inspiration searching.

I love the simplicity of this one from Two Twenty One.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 5.42.14 PM
I like the addition of the boxwood greenery on this monogram from Etsy.

I decided I wanted a monogram of spring flowers that wouldn’t go dyin’ on me. I went to Michael’s and picked up my supplies.


I plucked my faux flowers from their stems, and armed with my hot glue gun, started attaching blooms to this particle board G.


Then I just glued ribbon to the back and hung it on our door.

What are the easiest spring decorations you’ve created?