Gift guide for the happy-hour crowd

If you’ve missed some of the food-related gift guides I did for Every Day with Rachael Ray, you can find the gift guide for the morning person here and the gift guide for kids here. Today’s gifts are for your cocktail party hosts, the people you regularly meet for happy hours and your wine and whine dinner party friends. Here’s the version that ran in the magazine. Don’t see something you fancy there? Let friends raise a glass to one of this gift guide for the happy-hour crowd. Cheers!


Twelve tasty creations come printed on this 2014 craft cocktail calendar ($30).

This delicate decanter ($72) features a built-in aerator.

Outfit the bar with a few of these vintage mirrored wall hangings. Available in French 75, Gimlet, Manhattan, Martini, Mimosa, Mojito and Old Fashioned ($39.95 each)

The rock formation created on the bottom of these highball glasses moves the liquid and releases more aromas. This set  ($49.95 for set of four glasses and molds) comes with round silicone ice-cube molds for each glass too.

This slow-pouring tool ($22.50) helps you create fancy layered cocktails.

For friends who wear more drinks than they get in their mouth (that’s me!), sippy-cup martini glasses ($20 each) keep the liquids in the glass—and not on the dress.

This colorful print ($28)  breaks down 12 martinis—from classic to 007’s favorite—illustrating ingredients and ratios.

Worried about getting that monogrammed groomsman gift confiscated at the game? Use one of these disposable flasks ($15 for three) instead. Each holds five shots.

This book ($16.88) gives you permission to drink all day, giving classic recipes for brunch cocktails, afternoon libations, apertifs, dinner drinks and nightcaps.

Boozehound_Gifts_2Intoxicating dark rum and citrus flavor this black tea ($15).

Give up to three gadgets a good buzz at once with this portable flask-shaped charger ($89.95).

Have a cool bottle you don’t want to toss? Turn it into an eco-friendly table lamp ($24.95).

Design personalized wine koozies ($14 each) for your girlfriends. Available in tons of patterns and colors.

This two-ounce pewter flask ($49) slips discreetly into her handbag or pocket to add a little something to her juice glass later.

The hammer in this toolbox ($20.99) is a bottle opener, the saw a citrus knife, the screwdriver a corckscrew, the spackle knife a strainer, and the nails are garnish skewers.

The decorator in me loves this cocktail shaker ($25).

These pjs ($39.99) are a perfect gift for the wine and whine club gals.

Get her ready for her night on the town with this gift set ($20) that includes margarita shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath and a melon daiquiri lip gloss.

Boozehound_Gifts_3These letterpress coasters ($15 for six) combine function with wit, education and history.

One size fits every body with this cocktail apron ($25) that hits above the knee, has a pocket for accoutrements and comes in loads of patterns.

Give the gift your host will need post party with one of these fun bottle stoppers ($18 each).

These champagne and cognac trays ($30 each) are dishwasher and microwave safe so perfect for any party fare.

Like magic, this wine bottle holder ($20) makes it look like your bottle is floating in thin air.

The party’s in this glass ($14 each). When liquid hits it, watch it light up. When the cup’s dry, lights go out.

Every bash needs bar snacks. This gift ($39.95) comes with cheese crisps, green chili margarita caramel corn, smoked paprika almonds and chipotle- and curry-flavored peanuts.

This flask ($25) features a hidden two-ounce shot glass for precision wherever you go.

Hazelnut chocolate chip cookies filled with bittersweet whisky-infused Madagascar chocolate ($9.50 for six).