Glass chandeliers

Scott and I spent our first wedding anniversary in Venice, an amazingly romantic city known for it’s canals, opera and glass thanks to a small island off the shores of Venice called Murano. The blown Murano glass chandeliers made my mouth drop. It’s not the first time I’ve been wowed by lighting, but this is definitely a more feminine silhouette than I’m typically favor in a light fixture.
Murano glass chandelier

These fabulous glass chandeliers are delicate works of art that aren’t cheap. This white one is $1,326. But what they do for a room is amazing. Though traditional in shape, Murano glass chandeliers look modern done in colored glass, like white, red, turquoise and black and pair perfectly in almost any interior.

Lindsey Bickingham kitchen(The kitchen of rock star Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac from Elle Decor)

Novagratz kitchen(Novogratz kitchen)

cococozy wendy schwarz design kristi bender dining room chippendale chares saarinen white tulip table white murano glass chandelier  blue walls yellow drapery panels(Wendy Schwartz Design via Cococozy)

While a real Murano glass chandelier is exquisite, I could never spend more than a grand on a lighting fixture. Being a bargain hunter, I prefer to find a less expensive knockoff.

Murano chandelier knockoffs6 Light Modern Murano Chandelier

Calais Chandelier

Five-Light Polished Chrome Chandelier with White Lucite Jewel Drops

6-Light Chrome with Black Crystal Hand-Blown Chandelier

6-Light Blue Murano Blown Glass Craft Chandelier

1900s Murano Glass Chandelier

What do you think of Murano glass chandeliers?