Make easy, versatile curtains in less than an hour

DIY curtains
I have a few go-to places for fantastic, inexpensive curtains—Ikea makes great basics that you can embellish, Urban Outfitters offers whimsical prints, World Market sells a mix of solids and ethnic patterns and Target gets the timeless patterns right. But when I have already created what I want in my head, even these resources sometimes come up short. That’s when I make them.

Let me begin by saying I am not a sewer. Before the beginning of 2012, I didn’t even know how to operate a sewing machine. But I had to learn quickly (taught myself, thank you very much) when I was unable to find the perfect curtains for a client’s salon’s manicure room.
Thomas Paul Dahlia fabric
I owned six yards of this fabulous Thomas Paul Dahlia fabric that I bought on an incredible closeout ($3 a yard) when I still lived in New York. (Yep, I moved this across the country!) It was the perfect color and the right print for the salon’s organic modern feel.
Measuring the curtains
The fabric started at 54 inches wide, but the windows I was covering were small interior windows that would have been swallowed by 108 inches of fabric, so I cut the fabric in half lengthwise to make 27-inch panels. I planned to make each panel 88 inches, so I measured 90 inches, then lined the edge of the fabric up with my rug to ensure it was straight and cut four 90-inch panels of fabric.
No pinning
Instead of pinning, I used my boning tool, and worked in small sections to create a ¼-inch fold on all four sides of each panel, ironing each section as I went. Then I folded each section over again to make finished edges and ironed the seams on all four sides of the panel.
Sewing the curtains
I sewed each panel and used ring clips to hang them.

I did the same thing to create these curtains in the bachelor pad I decorated.