Shopping the Brussels flea market

Brussels flea market
Rusty tools, vintage cocktail shakers, schlager music on vinyl, some furniture and all these suitcases are just a few of the treasures I uncovered at the flea market in Brussels. These old-fashioned travelers would make a fantastic end table or nightstand when stacked on top of each other. Smaller designs eat up bookshelf space stylishly.
Expensive dog
A couple of months ago, I shared a craze in doggie decor with you. So I instantly fell in love with this guy but didn’t purchase since he was almost 500 euros. If you happen upon inexpensive canine figurines, and you’re a dog lover, I would snatch them up. With unique shapes, these vintage pups look stylish sitting on the mantel, a bookshelf or a side table. A few I might buy: this vintage ceramic terrier, this vintage Dachshund statue and this French bulldog bank.
Vintage white dogVintage dachundScreen Shot 2013-09-11 at 8.16.02 AM






I have to say that if it were realistic for me to cart this fantastic rocker back to Switzerland–and eventually back to California–I would have nabbed this. But in doing just a bit of research, I found Ikea’s rattan high-back lookalike online. It’s not a rocker, but I’ll still take it.
ChairIkea lookalike











If you head to Brussels, and you like flea marketing, follow this advice that I sadly learned too late: The flea market happens daily and officially ends at 2 p.m. Wait until 2:30 p.m., and there is a very good chance you can pick up some of these coveted finds for free! Some sellers never clean up when the market closes and leave some good stuff behind. Be quick! Locals filled me in on this little secret so they’re hovering too.