A site to bookmark

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to a favorite online flea market. Today, I have another site you should definitely bookmark. The savvy women behind One Kings Lane launched a new marketplace for vintage and used goods. And Hunters Alley definitely has some goods.

It’s not a site you should venture to in search of a bargain. When a velvet embroidered pillow has an asking price of $265, you know you won’t be getting a steal on anything. But if you’re in the market for something specific that you haven’t found anywhere else, Hunters Alley is worth searching. I would also come window shopping here if I wanted the real deal in terms of vintage or antique.

Here are a few of the things I love.

Hunters Alley

Rattan Chippendale-style chairs

Vintage French poster

Pineapple lamp

Triangles necklace

Gold striped glassware


This site doesn’t yet have a tremendous amount of inventory, so you might want to bookmark it now but check back in a few weeks as more people sign up to sell. Selling your in-great-shape goods is free. You just send a photo and a snappy writeup, and the team at Hunters Alley basically takes care of the rest.

To check where items are shipping from, you have to click on the shipping tab under each item. There’s no convenient way to search items that are closer to you geographically.

Are there other sites that you shop for used/vintage furnishings and décor besides Crasigslist and ebay?