Turn a thrift store mirror into a chalkboard

To tell guests where to sit at a wedding, I spray painted thrifted picture frames with chalkboard paint. They worked perfectly for this one-time use, but the thin paint layer eventually began to scratch off.

A country club wedding and receptionTo announce each of Genevieve’s monthly milestones, I wanted to create a chalkboard to share her age, weight, and her likes. I also liked the idea of her having a chalkboard in the nook in her room, a place where she will eventually be able to read, daydream, and create.

I found an inexpensive mirror—$13.99!—with a great frame at my local Salvation Army (totally forgot to take a before picture).

I used plastic bags and painter’s tape to shield the mirror. I know that spray paint comes off relatively easy with Windex or a razor blade, but those are extra steps that this easy prep eliminates. I sprayed the frame with several light coats of Krylon’s satin spray paint in Island Splash, waiting only a couple minutes between coats.

Genevieve's chalkboard

After removing the tape and bags, I used a foam roller to apply a thin layer of Martha Stewart’s multi-surface chalkboard paint. The foam roller wasn’t the best idea, and I ended up using a paint brush to get more even coverage. Three coats created a smooth finish.