Wine barrel lighting

You might not know this, but the Swiss drink a lot of wine–four times more than their U.S. counterparts. In fact, starting mid May, there’s at least one wine festival each weekend celebrating the opening of the caves. We went to one this past weekend and took my cousins with us. Do you like the glasses-round-the-neck souvenirs?

The McCues at the wine festival

When I got home from the festival, I became slightly obsessed with finding a light fixture for my dining room. I really want a vintage wine barrel chandelier. I love the rustic authenticity of this one, crafted from discarded French barrels.

Restoration Hardware

I like the price of this one better, but its faux aged finish lacks charm.

Shades of Light

And then I found this one on Craigslist. It’s not as massive as the others and it’s void of that curved teardrop shape, but I love the detail on the four wooden staves crafted from vintage European oak wine barrels and the price ($275 but likely negotiable) is great. Advertised as custom made, light fixtures may created on a made-to-order basis. Here’s hoping.

Craigslist chandelier

While this listing expired, this find reminded me to ALWAYS check Craigslist first when it comes to hunting down something I want. Use keywords like “wine barrel chandelier,” “crate chandelier,” even “wood lighting fixture.” If it’s an item you’ve been searching for, expand your search. I virtually searched as far as Santa Barbara for the wine barrel chandelier (I was thinking wine regions outside of Temecula but not as far north as Napa or Sonoma).