Wine cork crafts: Christmas trees

Only five days left until Christmas, and if you’re like me, you still have a little shopping to do and no more time to think about decorating the house. I think I’ve done a pretty good job of simplifying the holidays this year. I made a tree out of lights, added greens to the bookshelf and crafted snowflakes out of toilet paper and paper towel rolls.

So this wine cork craft is equally as simple, made from another recyclable product and can be done in minutes, literally. Drum roll, please. I give you mini rosemary trees!

Rosemary trees

I started with a few corks from wine bottles. These have to be real corks. Plastic ones don’t seem to work as well.


I first wrapped the corks tightly with a soft white yarn to cozy them up and add another texture. I secured the yarn at the top of the cork with hot glue, then wound the yard around the cork, securing the bottom with hot glue as well.

I used the hole we had already made in taking the cork out to screw in a sprig of rosemary. Pick sprigs that have a thicker stem, and use a drop of hot glue if you need extra help making the rosemary stay put.

Use these to designate where you want people to sit at the dinner table, or put a few in the bathroom so guests get a fragrant festive surprise when using the loo.

What’s the simplest, fastest holiday decor you’ve ever created?